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Pickup Cart

HC100 Series of Pickup Cart provides efficient multi-order picking up activities to store staffs. It is designed with 3 layers and 6 plastic boxes to allow to work for 6 individual orders picking up as one turnaround.


Model HC101: Steel Pickup Cart

Low carbon structural steel pickup cart with zinc-plating & transparent powder coating or optional color coating as top finish. This is an economic design to fit with customer’s limit budget per store but with large qty demand.

Model HC102: Alloyed Aluminum Pickup Cart

With high tensile strength alloyed aluminum material built pickup cart can take store staffs’ very light moving experience due to light self-weight of cart itself. Moreover alloyed aluminum is a premium rust proof material, so it is widely used in grocery stores especially under humid condition.

Model HC103: Grade #304 Stainless Steel Pickup Cart

This is a luxury solution for garment stores and high level general merchandise stores. It is also been widely used in high level grocery stores.

Featured Sizes:

Length: 44” or 1116mm

Width: 24.5”or 621mm

Height: 51” or 1294mm

Castor: 2 swivel + 2 positional lock swivel durable casters

Loading capacity: 60 lbs per box and 360 lbs per cart with 6 boxes

  • Three-layer pickup cart

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